MOHAWK PUNK: JIMMY WOLF LAKOTA JOURNAL "WOLF is perfectly primed to be a cult figure in Native American music, and his radical musical stance could broaden the whole concept into a bold, new direction." - Wilhelm Murg-2002. Tribeca Blues Festival THE VILLAGE VOICE: "His feverish guitar solos color outside the lines because they have to, and his voice is just as overdriven and mercurial." - Zimmerman - MAY 2001. DEEP DOWNTOWN CD REVIEW JAMISON MAHTO: "I am not certain that most would recognize the close association between our culture and the culture of the African American in the way that Jimmy Wolf does in his music. I was amazed and astounded when I heard the Pow Wow drum thumping behind a blistering blues solo. This is phenomenal. This is genius. It's natural as I see it. It only just makes sense. This is what I live for." - April 2008 CD review NATIVE TIMES, NOV.15TH 2001 "Jimmy Wolf is about as tough as a blues guitarist gets." MUSIC: This week's musical highlights CITY NEWSPAPER, ROCHESTER, NY JAN. 25TH 2006: "The last time he played in town, Jimmy Wolf tore Monty's Krown a new door and almost blew the lid off the joint with his loud, flashy, rough-shod blues. MOHAWK STOMP INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY, FEB.2002: "The feedback fuzzed guitar and the throat-ripping vocals reveal pure heart and emotion. DEEP DOWNTOWN REVIEW ELMORE MAGAZINE JUNE 2008: "At the Mohawk Valley Blues Society Festival, Jimmy and his band were well-received by the crowds, who were dancing and swaying to his blend of styles. Deep Downtown is well worth a listen, and Jimmy Wolf is moving up. - Robin Murray. INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY - MAY 28TH, 2008. "Most of the songs on "Deep Downtown" are danceable and might be just what an audience is looking for when they want entertainment. It would be hard to stay in your seat while Wolf is rocking on stage." - Shannon Burns. JIMMY WOLF REVIEW SING OUT! - SUMMER 2001 "He is a powerful guitarist with killer licks that make you sit up and take notice.Jimmy Wolf is a force to be reckoned with." - KK. JIMMY WOLF DEEP BLUES: "Wolf joins a growing rank of roots freaks who see full well that somtimes even the old things that you love need a respectful kick in the head and be-hind and Jimmy Wolf administers that kick with a heavy passion that will inspire followers and leaders alike." - Rick Saunders. ELEANOR BAROOSHIAN AKA "CHELSEA LEE" OF 1960'S GIRL GROUP "THE CAKE". - Jimmy is one hell of a hot bluesman; singing, writing and guitar. Have a listen to what a guitarist should sound like;from someone like me...who has known and worked with some of the heavies in the business for the past 40+ years.” - Reviews

— Jimmy Wolf

Jimmy Wolf Rome, New York "My Mind Is Rambling".This is a really conventional blues romp with zero surprises, so why do I dig it? Well, it's the little things. Wolf's guitar tone is tough and mean, his vocals have a gravelly swagger, and the solo at 1:15 fires off with some noisy bends and keeps on howling.” - MICHAEL MOLENDA