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Very nice Jimmy...
Nice sound,,im hooked,,,
Dig your stuff brother!! When you gonna get outta this one horse town and get on the big stage.......Memphis, maybe??!! You can do it!! Blues on!!
Jimmy Wolf is a force in blues music. I first heard him live in Rochester, NY in 1999. Wish he was around Rochester more often. He is definitely an original who is keeping the blues alive and well!
Cool tunes and great style!
I like the update
Looks good Jimmy
Great, Great, Great in all directions! your playing, your songs, your singing grabs you with a good Blues feeling! Excellent graphics and content! Great job!
Hey Jimmy, just stoppin by to check your site!Great job! Hope to catch you out sometime soon! DB
One day soon we will meet up so I can say I knew you before you got insanely famous and popular! ;)
Great Site Jimmy---Go Get It !
Lookin' good brother. Play on!!
Ain't nobody better In the 2 areas Voice Guitar If you seen Maybe a good day To think and enjoy Dude like this only come round Once in a while Patient time smiles Fans Thank you
Just one who rock
It must have been close to 20 years ago when I heard you for the first time. And I'm glad to have rediscovered your music online! That night, you were playing in the outdoor section near the Blues City Cafe on Beale St. Wow, what a show! My friends and I still talk about it, and continue to imitate a man in the audience who afterwards kept repeating "That was great! I enjoyed that!" Thank you for such a great show and great lasting memories!
Heard Jimmy Wolf for the first time last night. Superb!!
Diggin' the new cd and the new website!
Hey Jimmy, You know I'm always 'Runnin With The Wolf'- Love you, Chelsxxx
Just heard you today for the first time on GON Radio. Nice music!
Thanks for all the good times& help your music has brought.
Rock on Jimmy!
helllo all
Jimmy Wolf is the best American guitarist since Jimi Hendrix and merits the respect and accolades of the national press. I urge you to mention his name and play his music to everyone you know and don't l know!!
Luv Jimmy Wolf!!